Tiles for the garden

Outdoor tile

A beautiful and functional patio is a valuable addition to any home. Terrace tiles form the basis of such an outdoor space, making them essential for both the visual aspect and sustainability. In this blog we take a closer look at choosing, installing and maintaining patio tiles, including tips to keep green deposits at bay.

Which tile for my garden?

There are several factors to consider when choosing patio tiles. Terrace tiles, for example, are available in different materials, such as ceramics, natural stone, concrete and wood. Each material has unique properties and aesthetics. Ceramic tiles are durable and low maintenance, while natural stone offers a rustic charm. Concrete tiles are budget-friendly and wooden tiles give a warm appearance. The size and shape of the tiles affect how spacious the terrace feels. Larger tiles can give a contemporary look, while smaller tiles create a classic atmosphere. Think about the pattern in which you want to lay the tiles. Finally, it is important to choose colors and styles that match the aesthetics of your home and garden. Neutrals are timeless and versatile, while bold colors can make a statement.

Laying tiles in the garden

Laying tiles in the garden is not an easy job. The correct placement of terrace tiles is crucial for a durable and attractive terrace. That's why it's nice to outsource this to professionals, so that you only have to pick out the tiles and then put your feet up! Would you rather lay garden tiles yourself? First ensure a solid surface by properly leveling and compacting the existing soil. If necessary, use a layer of crushed stone or gravel as a base for stability and drainage. Then place edge restraints, such as concrete edging, to hold the tiles in place and prevent them from shifting. Choose a laying pattern, such as a rectilinear bond, herringbone pattern, or diagonal bond. Mark the corners of the deck and use string and pickets to create guidelines. When laying the tiles, it is important to start from the center of the terrace and work outwards. Spread a thin layer of mortar or special tile adhesive and place the tiles with a slight twisting motion to avoid air bubbles. After the tiles are installed, fill the joints with grout. This not only helps to keep the tiles in place, but also to prevent water build-up. Finally, let the grout harden and wipe off the excess. Thoroughly clean the tiles to remove any residue.

Green attack? Cleaning patio tiles

Outdoor tiles are a very nice addition to your garden, but it is important to maintain them properly. Do you suffer from green deposits? A shame, but fortunately there are plenty of options to prevent and solve this. Green deposits, usually caused by algae and mosses, can seriously affect the appearance of your terrace tiles.

  1. Regular cleaning: Keep your terrace clean regularly by sweeping away leaves and dirt. This prevents moisture from being retained and algae having the chance to grow.
  2. Sunlight: Sunlight inhibits the growth of algae and mosses. Consider pruning plants or removing obstacles that cast shade on your patio.
  3. High-pressure cleaning: Use a high-pressure cleaner every now and then to remove green deposits. Use the correct pressure settings to prevent damage to the tiles.
  4. Environmentally friendly cleaners: Environmentally friendly cleaning agents are available that can effectively remove green deposits without harming plants and the environment. You can also do this: dissolve 5 tablespoons of soda and 5 tablespoons of green soap in a full bucket of water (about 10 liters), pour this over the tiles and let it work for an hour. Then rinse well with water and scrub with a broom.

Wide choice of outdoor tiles

At Tegelmonsters we offer a wide selection of outdoor tiles and patio tiles. Choose you wooden outdoor tiles or do you want to create spaciousness with a light outdoor tile† Thanks to the wide choice of tiles, there is something suitable for every garden and every terrace. Do you want to know more about this topic? do not hesitate to to contact us.