About us

Our mission is to support you as an architect, project supervisor or retailer in making the right choice for wall and floor tiles. We offer tile samples from the most recent collections of a number of top tile manufacturers from all over Europe.

New project? Congratulations, this is just the beginning! There is a lot to consider when choosing the right tiles. That is why we want to make as much information as possible available to you as a professional. We like to share creative concepts with which we can inspire you. In addition, you can always contact us for your technical questions and we think along with you for good solutions for your challenging projects!

Little time? Border in a few clicks free the tile monsters!


As an independent knowledge center you can contact us with all your questions about ceramic tiles. Our databases come from several ceramic tile manufacturers who work with us. With all that information we want to help you make the right choice!


We give you space to pay attention to what gives you the most energy. We do not create extra work with unwanted emails and phone calls. That is why we give you the freedom to approach us. BCall us on working days (Mon-Fri) or send us an e-mail! At TegelMonsters it's your turn. Tell us what you need, from the right tile samples to information and advice. 


We help you with the information you need. With real construction and tile experts, we are there for you every day. We provide you with free tile samples, information and assistance. Expand your knowledge and get in touch with us!

Inspiration today, on your desk tomorrow!

The Knowledge And Information Platform For Ceramic Tiles!