Contribute to a circular economy?

Criaterra wall tiles are complete circular & biodegradable. These durable wall tiles consist of completely natural raw materials and fibres. through a innovative production method, Criaterra produces decorative wall tiles with a worldwide patent and a minimal CO2 footprint. Since 2020, Criaterra has received a subsidy from the Horizon 2020 of the European Union and has chosen to start on the Dutch market!

Criaterra wall tiles are currently as 'limited edition' available in the Netherlands. The products have high sound absorption and are therefore excellent for use in catering establishments, shops, government buildings and much more!

The CRIATERRA story began in India, when I drank my very first cup of real Indian chai. Like any local person, after drinking my chai, I threw the magical, sun-dried clay cup on the ground, so that it immediately became one with the earth again.

This experience piqued my curiosity as a designer: how could products, like people, emerge from dust and return to dust?

This moment marked the beginning of an investigation into CRIATERRA's technology, which is based on a long tradition of producing indigenous products and buildings with earth.

Our research and development process applied contemporary science and technology to Indigenous knowledge, with the goal of converting this rich heritage into industry-leading sustainable technology. During this process I discovered that this knowledge was also present within my own family, and that my grandmother built earth furnaces in Iraq with a very similar technology that inspired the research of CRIATERRA.

Adital Ela

Founder @ Criaterra

limited edition

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DThe introductory range consists of four colors and five sizes.