Rectified Tiles: A Sleek and Contemporary Choice for Modern Spaces

In today's world of tile design, rectified tiles are rapidly gaining popularity. This stylish tile option offers a contemporary look and a seamless finish that is perfect for modern spaces. In this blog post we take a closer look at rectified tiles, their characteristics and why they can be the ideal choice for interior design.

What Are Rectified Tiles?

Rectified tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles that are precisely cut and ground during the manufacturing process to create straight and precise edges. This creates a uniform size and a clean, sharp finish. This precision ensures a seamless and contemporary look.

Benefits of Rectified Tiles

The clean edges and minimal joint space give rooms with rectified tiles a modern look. The precise cut allows the tiles to be placed closer together, creating an almost seamless finish. Thanks to the reduced joints, spaces appear larger and less interrupted. Rectified tiles give designers more freedom and creativity by allowing them to be laid with minimal joints for a cohesive look.

Where Are Rectified Tiles Suitable?

  • Living areas: They add a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere to modern living spaces.
  • Bathrooms: In bathrooms, they can offer a spa-like elegance thanks to their seamless finish.
  • Kitchens: They create a modern and sleek look, especially on floors and back walls.
  • Commercial Areas: For hotels, restaurants and offices, they add a contemporary touch.

Some things are important when it comes to rectified tiles. Due to its precision, installation requires experience and expertise. So call in a professional. It is also wise to use narrow joints for a seamless effect. Although they are less likely to trap dirt in joints, regular maintenance is still important to maintain their appearance.

Rectified tiles are the pinnacle of modern aesthetics and precision in tile design. With their clean finish and contemporary look, they are ideal for those looking for a seamless and sophisticated look for their interior. Whether in living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens or commercial spaces, rectified tiles add a touch of modern elegance to any environment.