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Rectified tiles

Ceramic wall and floor tiles can be divided into rectified and non-rectified tiles. You should pay attention to this when you buy tiles, because this has an effect on the end result.

Cut to size
Rectified tiles have clean, straight and cut-to-size edges and corners. After the firing process, the tiles are cut to size again. This ensures that the tiles are dimensionally stable. This has the advantage that tiles can be placed closer together and a minimal joint is possible. This will give you a tighter end result.

To indicate whether a tile has been rectified, there is often an 'R' or 'Rett' after the format or on the packaging. A 60 x 60 tile that has been rectified often has the following size: 59,2 x 59,2 centimeters. So if it is not clear, you can also see whether a tile has been rectified or not based on the format.

Non-rectified tiles are therefore less dimensionally stable.