Pamesa: the global pioneer in hydrogen-powered production

It is a time when the world is focusing on environmentally conscious choices and sustainability. The Pamesa Group is the first tile company in the world to use hydrogen instead of natural gas in production, to help protect the environment. They have partnered with eCombustible Energy to use this new environmentally friendly fuel. This fuel is good for the environment because it does not emit carbon. The Pamesa Group has plans to use this fuel in all their activities.

eCombustible is a new fuel that is made in a more efficient way than other environmentally friendly fuels. They make this energy on site in their factories, so no transportation is required. This means that much less carbon is released into the air than with regular fuels.

Fernando Roig, the boss of the Pamesa Group, says: “We are proud that after four years of hard work and a lot of money from our own pockets, we can produce zero carbon emissions in our factories, without help from others.”

What makes eCombustible even better is that it can be customized to each customer's needs and used in existing machines without many changes.

Jorge Arévalo, CEO of eCombustible Energy, says: “Our long-term goal is to provide cheap, environmentally friendly fuel to companies that are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels, so they can become more independent.”

With the help of eCombustible, Pamesa is the first company in the world to operate completely without natural gas, which is more efficient than other environmentally friendly alternatives, such as green hydrogen, while still being cheaper than natural gas and emitting no carbon.

This is a major step in the Pamesa Group's environmental management. They try to produce zero waste, recycle all their wastewater and heat from their factory furnaces, and have solar panels on all their buildings to generate environmentally friendly electricity. With their commitment to the environment and innovation, they show how companies can help create a greener future.