Concrete tiles: the tile trend of 2023

In 2023, concrete tiles have become a noticeable trend in the world of home design. They are prized for their sturdiness, appearance and dexterity. Well-known interior design magazines such as VT-wonen and Stijlvol Wonen, for example, show how timeless and stylish concrete tiles with their versatile character can be a valuable addition to interiors. Why do people often choose concrete tiles these days?

Firstly, concrete tiles are very strong and last a long time. They do not quickly become unsightly or damaged, even when the weather is bad. That means you don't have to worry about replacing or repairing your floors or patio. You can use concrete tiles in many different places. Indoors you can place them in the kitchen, bathroom or living room to get a modern look. Outdoors, they are ideal for your patio, garden paths, driveway or by the pool. They are also suitable for public places and shops.

In addition, there are many different concrete tiles, with a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You can customize them to how you want your home or garden to look. Whether you like modern or classic, there are concrete tiles that suit you. You can even have them specially made with unique designs and patterns.

Concrete tiles are friendly to the environment. They are made from natural materials, such as sand and cement, and making them usually has less impact on the environment than some other building materials.

What is also nice is that concrete tiles are easy to keep clean. You just need to wash them occasionally with soap and water. If it gets stained or a piece breaks, you can usually easily repair it without replacing everything.

Finally, the price tag is also important: concrete tiles are usually not expensive, especially when you look at how long they last. They offer great value for money, making them attractive to both home renovators and construction professionals.

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