ACTIVE SURFACES: tiles that herald the era of innovation

In a world where design and health matter, ACTIVE SURFACES® tiles, made by Graniti Fiandre. These tiles were created after 10 years of Italian research, in which Iris Ceramica Group and the University of Milan collaborated. These tiles are unique because they can clean the air, are antibacterial and work against viruses. They have all important certificates and patents. There are four main properties that distinguish these tiles:

  1. They clean the air: These tiles can always remove dirty things in the air, even the dangerous things. They simply use light and air in the room. This helps keep the air inside clean.
  2. They are antibacterial and work against viruses: the photocatalysis that ACTIVE SURFACES® induces destroys bacteria and viruses that come into contact with the surface, even in the dark. This has been proven to be effective even against dangerous pathogens such as MRSA and viruses such as the H1N1 flu virus.
  3. They help against bad odors: ACTIVE SURFACES® can effectively break down the molecules responsible for unpleasant odors, maintaining a fresh and pleasant atmosphere.
  4. They are self-cleaning: The tiles ensure that dirt cannot stick properly to the surface. That is why they are easier to clean. You don't have to use strong cleaning agents as often.

These tiles are good for many places where hygiene and health are important. They can be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and more. You can put them on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors. They are also good for furniture that people touch often, such as in kitchens. The tiles come in many different sizes and look beautiful. They use special materials to do all these things. It's a technology from Italy and it keeps getting better. ACTIVE SURFACES® are the future of tiles. They show that design and functionality can go together to improve our environment.