A sparkling home: metallic tiles for a luxurious look

In our previous blog, where we shared our experiences from the Cersaie fair in 2023, we already hinted that metallic tiles were a striking appearance. The characteristic shine of metallic tiles adds a unique and striking element to your walls and floors. They give your space a cool, robust and industrial look. Although they look like metal, metallic tiles are actually made of ceramic. This means they are durable and easy to maintain, making them both a stylish and practical choice.

Metallic tiles 
With their modern finish, metallic wall tiles instantly add a sense of luxury and elegance to any room. The reflective surface catches the light and creates beautiful effects that make the room appear larger and brighter. Whether you choose subtle silver or bold gold, metallic wall tiles can be the perfect addition to any interior. In addition to wall coverings, metallic tiles can also create an impressive floor. Whether you want to transform an entryway or make a statement in the living room, metallic floor tiles can provide a distinctive look.

Metallic tiles in the kitchen
The kitchen is a room where functionality meets style, and metallic tiles add a touch of sophistication to this important living space. Whether you have a modern kitchen or a more traditional design, metallic tiles can create a contemporary and striking look. Bronze metallic tiles can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to the kitchen, while silver or copper metallic tiles add a chic and trendy element. The finish of metallic tiles is not only visually appealing, but also easy to clean, making them a practical choice for an area prone to spills and spills.

A shiny bathroom
The bathroom is all about relaxation and tranquility, and metallic tiles can add a touch of luxury to this personal oasis. Wall tiles in metallic shades such as gold or silver can create a sense of glamour, while tiles with a metallic pattern offer a unique and artistic look. The reflective surface of metallic tiles can reflect natural light into the bathroom, making the space feel bright and inviting.

For example, we have the Alloy collection from Pamesa in our range.