Which grout color fits best with my tile wall or floor?

You have decided which bathroom tiles, floor or wall tiles will be installed. But you are not there yet. Have you already thought about which grout color you will use for the tiles? You can opt for contrast, a reinforcing or inconspicuous joint colour.


Grout color for light tiles

If you would like to create a very light, spacious look, choose a white joint. The joint is then not noticeable and the lines almost disappear. To emphasize the tile, it is better to choose a light gray grout. This is neutral and still gives a spatial effect. But it can also be interesting to choose something daring and go for a dark grout color. It creates a striking, industrial effect. Do you want to stand out? Then go for a colored joint. Make sure that that color comes back somewhere else in the room, so that it fits together.


Grout color for dark tiles

It is exactly the same with dark tiles, but the other way around. Do you want the grout lines to disappear? Then choose a dark grout colour. That creates a dark wall. Prefer something more spacious? Then go for a neutral, light gray color. A light gray joint is therefore most often chosen for dark tiles. You can also go for an industrial look with dark tiles. Choose a light or even white joint, which creates a great contrast and makes this wall the eye-catcher of the room.


Grout color with colored / colorful tiles

With a colored tile you can choose from two options: a contrasting color or the same color grout. For example, a dark green tile with a white grout. If you want more peace of mind, you can choose to adjust the grout color to the color of the tiles.

In the case of colorful tiles, you want to keep the joints calm. Choose white, light gray or a color that matches the tiles. This way you prevent someone from getting dizzy!

Please note that grout colors may fade or become dirty over time. Therefore, choose a grout color that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical and easy to maintain.

Choosing the right grout color for your tile wall or floor is an important decision that affects the overall look of the room. By taking into account factors such as tile colour, pattern, desired appearance and spatial properties, you can make an informed choice that is both visually attractive and functional. Don't forget to try out grout color swatches before making a final decision, so you can be sure of the end result.