A backyard pool is an oasis of relaxation and fun. Choosing the right tiles for the pool area is essential not only for aesthetics, but also for safety and durability. In this blog we discuss the different aspects of choosing the perfect tiles for the pool.

Why tiles at the pool?

Tiles are a popular choice for pool decks and surrounding areas for a number of reasons. For example, tiles are resistant to intensive use, chemicals and sunlight, which means they last a long time and retain their attractiveness. Tiles with a non-slip surface are ideal when damp conditions increase the risk of slipping. For example, it is important not to choose a polished tile, as it can be very dangerous. For example, we have the Kingsdeck collection as a relief tile. Also, tiles are easy to clean and maintain, which is essential in swimming pools due to splashing water and chemicals and of course, tiles come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures, giving you the option to customize the pool area to suit your personal style .

The best poolside choices

The ideal choice for tiles at a swimming pool is a ceramic tile. The tiles are easy to maintain and can withstand chemicals and other acids. Porcelain tiles and natural stone are also popular choices. Due to the heat, dark tiles can become very hot in combination with the sun. The chance of burning the feet is then greater. There is also a choice between relief tiles and mosaic tiles, both of which have anti-slip properties. Not all mosaic tiles are intended for poolside use. That is because not every mosaic tile can withstand the chemicals and chlorine. It is important that you choose the right mosaic that is designed to withstand it and is hard enough so that it does not wear easily.

Installation and maintenance

The correct installation and maintenance of tiles at the swimming pool contributes to their lifespan and appearance. Have the tiles installed professionally to ensure proper installation, with proper joint spacing and adhesive to ensure durability. Regularly wipe off dirt, leaves and water to prevent dirt from accumulating and making the surface slippery. Make sure that the chemical balance of the pool water is well maintained. Excessive chemical exposure can damage the tiles. Also check and maintain the joints to prevent water from seeping under the tiles, which can cause frost damage.

Choosing the right tiles for your pool is a balance between aesthetics and functionality. By considering the material, anti-slip properties and maintenance, you can create a beautiful and safe environment where you can enjoy refreshing dives and relaxing moments. Choose with care, and enjoy the lasting beauty of your pool and surrounding terrace.

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