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Tiles are especially beautiful, but also very useful for maintenance at the pool. But which tile is right for the swimming pool?

The ideal choice for pool tiles is ceramic tile. The tiles are easy to maintain and can withstand chemicals and other acids.

When choosing the right tile for your pool, it is most important to look at the wear value, anti-slip and color fastness. This allows you to take into account how long the tile will last at your pool and whether the tile is the perfect option.

When choosing the right tile for your pool, you should especially not choose a polished tile, this can be very dangerous. Then choose a tile that has enough roughness. When choosing tiles, it is also more convenient to choose a lighter tile.

Due to the heat, dark tiles can become very hot in combination with the sun. The chance of burning the feet is then greater. The best tiles to use in a swimming pool:

Embossed tiles

There is a wide range of tiles by the pool. A safe option is a relief tile because the water slides between it to prevent someone from slipping. We have the Kingsdeck collection as relief tile.


Mosaic tiles are ideal for the swimming pool because the small tiles mean there is almost no chance of slipping. The anti-slip of the mosaic tiles is reinforced because there are many joints.

Not all mosaic tiles are intended for the swimming pool. That's because not every mosaic tile can withstand the chemicals and chlorine.

It is important that you choose the right mosaic that is intended against it and is hard enough so that it does not wear out easily.

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