Tile samples for tile samples

Are you a Tile Monster?

You read that right, a tile monster! Maybe something you've never heard of, but maybe you are one too. Tile monsters are people who are always looking for new ideas and concepts, someone who is creative and looking for inspiration, all in the field of tile. You may be an (interior) architect who is often looking for the right tiles for a project. At Tile Monsters you are at the right place as a tile monster. Our mission is to support you in making the right choices for wall and floor tiles, and we are happy to help you with your project with the right samples.

Tile samples for your project

New project? Congratulations, this is just the beginning! There is a lot to consider when choosing the right tiles. That's why having several tile samples comes in very handy! From our showroom we like to share creative concepts with which we inspire you. In addition, you can always contact us with your technical questions and we will help you find good solutions for your challenging projects! We help you with the information you need. With real construction and tile experts, we are ready for you every working day. We offer free tile samples, information and assistance from our Tile samples architect showroom.

Architect's showroom
Our Tile Monsters architect showroom is located in Utrecht. In the Tile samples showroom you will find all kinds of samples of all types of tiles you can think of. We not only have large tile labs of up to three meters high, but we also have the smallest mosaics. In addition, we help to inspire you with our mood board tables and concepts. Should you see interesting samples and want to take them with you? Then that's no problem at all! In our architect showroom we have hundreds of different tile samples that you can take with you for free, all to support your project.

The right choice
Tile samples is the right choice for you! Tegelmonsters is happy to offer you the right support that you can use during your work. We not only help you with the samples, but also with the right technical information up to communication with the right supplier. For example, if it doesn't suit you to visit our Tegelmonsters architect's showroom, no problem! We are happy to let you experience our Tile samples ideas via our website. Through our website order you can easily and for free within 1 minute your tile samples. Ordered today is on your desk tomorrow!