This is how you find the right chair caps for your ceramic floor

Scratching ceramic floor

Have a ceramic floor installed? Even if it has a high wear value, wear is inevitable. Nevertheless, you naturally want your ceramic tiles to last as long as possible. A chair can cause a lot of scratches. Therefore, choose the right seat caps and protect your tiles.


Scratches on tiles

Scratches on tiles can occur in different ways. Often due to things like sand, unprotected steel, heavy stuff or other scratchy dirt. Shame! Maybe you've tried everything and you still see scratches on your tiles.

A good start is of course a walk-in mat to prevent a lot of sand from being walked in. But there are many more causes for scratches on ceramic tiles, such as chairs or heavy furniture.

Protective seat covers

What kind of seat covers do you use on the floor? There is a lot of choice and not everything is equally good for a ceramic floor. Steel and plastic are the least suitable, they cause the most scratches. It is best to use felt to protect both your floor and your furniture.

What you do have to pay attention to with felt is that you check it annually for wear. Worn felt can also cause scratches!

Wheels on ceramic tiles

Chairs and furniture with wheels can also be found in many interiors. Think of office chairs or a side table. These wheels can cause scratches if you don't pick the right one. It also applies here that plastic wheels are not the best choice to keep your floor beautiful.

To solve this problem you can, for example, use rubber wheels. These cause much less damage and an additional advantage: they also make less noise. No more scratching, crackling and squeaking.

But beware: sand and other scratchy dirt remain the main culprits of wear and scratches. So make sure you keep your tiles clean and they will last a lot longer. Also watch out for this one common mistakes when cleaning doesn't make!