The tile trends of the past year

The trends for bathroom tiles

Time to renovate your bathroom and looking for new bathroom tiles? You want something beautiful, but preferably not too expensive. And there is a lot of choice. Fortunately, you do not have to make that choice alone and without prior knowledge. We give you tips to find the right tiles for your bathroom.

There are many different types of tile trends that we all want to be aware of. This is especially true when you are going to buy new tiles. The trend for bathroom tiles this year is mainly about serene and neutral colors. The color green is especially popular now with bathroom tiles. Maybe it's something for you too? In addition, a lot of people choose cool tones such as white and gray. Below are more trends to consider when considering buying tiles.

Hexagon bathroom tiles
Do you want to buy Hexagon bathroom tiles? Hexagon tiles are not square but hexagonal tiles that are placed in a honeycomb pattern. They can be used as bathroom tiles. It is a special design. For example, you can opt for a single wall of hexagon alternating with square tiles, or would you rather have the entire wall full of hexagon bathroom tiles? Everything is possible!

Buy large format tiles
Nowadays, large tiles for walls and floors are indispensable. This tile has a maximum size of 120×260 cm. So they are actually a kind of tile plates. With large tiles, also called Slabs, you see as little grout as possible on the wall or floor. The perfect bathroom tiles for areas where extra hygiene is important. At the moment, especially marble (look) bathroom tiles are very popular. You also have concrete look or metal look bathroom tiles.

Buy subway tiles
Buying subway tiles as new bathroom tiles? Subway tiles originate as their name sounds: in the subway. In the past, this format of tile was used for metro stations, but in 2021 the tile is also very popular in contemporary interiors. Metro tiles are available in many different colours, and they are also available in matt and gloss. If you are unsure whether you want to buy a metro tile, we can always advise you to view a bathroom tile setup in a showroom. There is always an advisor in the showroom who advises you to buy the right tiles.

The right choice make for your bathroom tiles
If you are soon buying bathroom tiles for a new project, you may now have some inspiration for your bathroom. If you are not yet completely sure about the choice for your bathroom tiles, you can always request a free tile sample from us . This way you are sure to make the right choice for the most beautiful bathroom tiles.