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The importance of an anti-slip rating for bathrooms and showers

For tiles where people regularly walk barefoot, an additional anti-slip value applies.
This barefoot slip resistance value is expressed in three letters: A, B & C.

A stands for a non-slip value for dry floors, such as a dry dressing room floor.
Slopes > 12°

B indicates that the anti-slip rating is high enough for wet floors, such as showers in commercial areas.
Slopes > 18°

C stands for damp or soaking wet floors in, for example, swimming pools, such as walk-through foot baths or stairs in the water.
Slopes > 24°

The values ​​R9 and R10 also almost always have the addition A, so they can be used perfectly for the bathroom in your home. Would you like to know more about the anti-slip value and how it is determined? Read more about the anti-slip value of shoes.