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The color of the year

This year's color is green. This color is most popular as a wall tile and comes into its own in a herringbone pattern. In combination with large gray tiles you can create a beautiful modern and contemporary bathroom.


Matt green

With a green tile, a matt tile is more often chosen. A matt tile fits perfectly with the color green, which is because a matt tile gives peace of mind and a glossy tile does not. If you choose the matte tile, it is also easier to maintain. You see less dirt on the tile in contrast to a glossy tile. You will immediately see all the dirt appear on this, this does not mean that the matt tile is cleaner, only you see it less quickly.

green hexagon

When using a hexagon you can always add different colors. With a hexagon you can create your own pattern because a hexagon tile is placed separately per tile. Green hexagons are being used more and more, because the color immediately gives off atmosphere.

To combine

If you have a green tile, you can combine it with several other tiles. With a dark green color, a light wood look is very nice, so you have a nice dark light contrast. With a slightly dark contrast, you can always look at some lighter colors with a dark tile, in this case with the color green. Wood looks always look great with the color green. The use of gray tile gives a more peaceful atmosphere in combination with the greenery.

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