Green tiles and more beautiful tile trends

green tiles

You can also follow the latest and most beautiful trends in the choice of tiles. Whether you are looking for new bathroom tiles, outdoor tiles or tiles for the kitchen. In addition to an extensive collection of timeless tiles, we also have beautiful contemporary collections that go along with current trends. Be inspired by these stylish tiles, such as green tiles.  

green tiles

Green tiles are the trend of 2020. The attractive and natural look makes the color popular and suitable in many places. You will find the tiles in different shades of green everywhere, from a modern bathroom to the catering industry. That is why you can add the tile in almost any place for a contemporary, warm look.

Herringbone pattern with tiles

In addition, the herringbone pattern is back. The pattern has fought its way back to a prominent place on the tile scene and can now be found everywhere again. You can of course install a herringbone pattern with wood, but tiles with a wood look are also extremely popular. They are easier to maintain and give just as warm a look. View here what special styles you can create with tiles.


In any case, there will be more color in the interior. Not only green tiles are popular, blue or yellow are also being laid again. The bold colors provide a hip, vibrant look. You can combine them with each other, but also only a blue or yellow tile works well. Be inspired by these unique colored tiles and dare to create an eye-catcher.

Special accents: design tiles

2020 seems to be the year of special colours, styles and accents. Quite a few design tiles with unique shapes and patterns have been released, which give a quirky twist to every room. Do you opt for a graphic form, or do you go for playful, natural patterns? This is the year of your own style.