The six most common mistakes when cleaning ceramic tiles

Cleaning ceramic tiles seems very simple and once you know how to do it, they are also quite easy to maintain. Still, you may get blurry spots and streaks on your tiles and they will become less beautiful over time. Did you know that this can be because you are cleaning them incorrectly? After reading this information you will never do it wrong again.  

Wrong cleaning materials

How do you clean your ceramic tiles? It is often recommended to use, for example, green soap, wax, all-purpose cleaner, fabric softener or even shampoo. The floor will also shine initially, making it look like it's working really well. Ultimately, a haze is created in which spots, stripes and footsteps can be seen. And then you suddenly can't get it off. This is because dirt easily adheres to that greasy layer on the tiles. Shame!

Fortunately, your floor is not completely lost now. There is another solution to remove these stubborn stains from your floor. Use a special stripper / remover for this. This is often available at tile shops and hardware stores. With this you can then remove old and stubborn dirt, but also remove old wax and polymer films. After that your floor will be like new again!

Don't mop

You have cleaned your floor with the right products, but stains still appear or the tiles stick a bit, making them very dirty. Have you mopped the tiles with clean water? This is very important when cleaning ceramic tiles. Too much water can cause the tile surface to penetrate and pull in dirt and stains. Use a damp mop instead of a soaked one to avoid excess water.

Improper grout cleaning

Grout can collect dirt and stains. Using a brush that is too stiff or abrasive to clean joints can cause damage. Choose a mild detergent and a soft brush to keep grout clean.

Improper use of steam cleaners

While steam cleaners can be effective, they should be used with caution on ceramic tile. Too much heat and pressure can damage joints and weaken the tile adhesive.

Use of dirty mops and cloths

Using dirty mops and cloths spreads dirt rather than cleaning it. Always use clean and well-wrung mops to remove dirt without soiling the surface.

The lack of carpets and mats

Failure to place carpets or mats in high traffic areas can cause dirt and scratches on the tile surface. Place mats at entrances and under furniture to extend the life of your tiles.

Cleaning ceramic tiles can be easy if you use the right techniques and cleaning products. Avoiding these common mistakes will ensure that your ceramic tiles maintain their shine and beauty for a long time. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy a beautiful floor or wall that will stand the test of time.