Pietra di Basalto active

The Pietra di Basalto Active collection by Graniti Fiandre is part of the Active Surfaces series and takes its inspiration from basalt, a volcanic rock that forms in nature when lava quickly solidifies on contact with air or water. The collection reflects the beauty of the original material and is available in five natural colours: Basalto Bianco Active, Basalto Beige Active, Basalto Grigio Active, Basalto Moro Active and Basalto Nero Active.

This collection offers the opportunity to integrate the aesthetics and durability of basalt into various applications, from flooring to wall coverings and even furniture. With its natural color palette and ability to capture the characteristic look of basalt, Pietra di Basalto Active offers a timeless and versatile choice for interior and exterior design projects. It pays tribute to the beauty of the natural world while offering the benefits of modern technology and sustainability.

Brand: GranitiFiandre Spa
Look: Stone