Trend alert: 3x blue tiles

Besides the fact that green tiles are very popular, blue tiles are also increasingly finding their place in the interior. Blue bathroom tiles are hip, but maybe you dare to do something more exciting. For example, have you ever thought about blue floor tiles?

We see this color coming back more and more often in all kinds of designs, prints and in all kinds of places. Blue can even be used on the floor. But how do you combine blue tiles? And how do you give them a nice place in your interior? Read our blog for great inspiration.


Blue bathroom tiles

The tiles in this photo are on the wall and on the floor. This creates an exciting whole and the deep, dark barrels provide an ocean-like appearance. The tiles give a mystical and stylish atmosphere. It is therefore not such a bad idea to investigate whether you can place tiles on both the wall and the floor. People who walk into the room will be surprised!

Tile in the photo: CR.LUX KIONIA

blue tiles

Blue wall tiles

You have probably come across blue wall tiles before. They come in many different shades and designs and that's what makes it so much fun. A blue tile can be combined with almost every room. You can also play with the shape and size of the tile. Do you opt for very large, such as in the bathroom, or small squares, as in the image below? You could also go for hexagon tiles or a herringbone pattern. What suits your interior?

Combine blue tiles

In addition to blue, green and yellow are also used extensively in the interior. It can create a cool look if you dare to combine two of these trends. Do you want to create space? Then choose a white or light tile with blue, because blue is often the dark counterpart. Do you prefer something more intimate? Perhaps there is a beautiful black tile that matches, to create a real intimate atmosphere with tiles.


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