5 tips to make your search for beautiful, cheap bathroom tiles easier

bathroom tiles

Time to renovate your bathroom and looking for new bathroom tiles? You want something beautiful, but preferably not too expensive. And there is a lot of choice. Fortunately, you do not have to make that choice alone and without prior knowledge. We give you five tips to find the right tile for your bathroom.

Tip 1: make sure that the tiles are not too slippery

When you are looking for new bathroom tiles, it is very important to make sure that they are actually suitable for the bathroom. The bathroom floor often gets wet from, for example, taking a shower. As a result, a floor quickly gets wet and you can slip. Therefore, choose tiles with extra grip and a high anti-slip value (R-value). The higher the R-value, the more grip the tile has.

Tip 2: also look at tiles from abroad

Looking for cheap tiles? We often work with foreign factories that often work in large quantities, which means they can keep the price of the tiles very low. For example, we work with Pamesa en Hallelujah† They deliver high quality tiles for a competitive price! Take a look contact us for more information.

Tip 3: what style do you want? Tiles with a spatial effect

Tiles are incredibly atmospheric for any room. Choose tiles with a warm or spatial effect. Nothing is more annoying than a bathroom that feels cramped and unsociable. You want to make your bathroom a place where you can relax. Choose light tiles for a spatial effect or create an intimate atmosphere with exciting dark tiles.

Tip 4: tile trends for the bathroom 

Would you like to keep up with current trends? We can also advise you extensively on this. So are this year green tiles very popular, for warmth and a natural atmosphere. In addition, simplicity and minimalism. If that appeals to you, opt for clean and light tiles, to maintain peace and not draw attention to the tiles.

Tip 5: clean bathroom tiles easily

Few people enjoy cleaning the bathroom. Maintaining the bathroom can be quite intensive. Therefore, when designing your bathroom, make sure that you choose material that is easy to keep clean and which you can easily wipe over with a mop. That saves work!