Marble: discover 4 advantages of this trend


From about 2014, marble has started its rise again. You see the stone more and more in different interiors. It comes in all kinds of shapes: marble lamp bases, candlesticks, marble table tops or other accessories. But plenty of marble can also be laid on the floor and on the wall. Discover 4 advantages of this trend now!


Advantage 1: Marble is easy to clean

Unlike some other types of tiles or stones, marble is easy to maintain. This is also the reason why it is often used in kitchens and bathrooms. You take a cloth over it and it is completely clean again. You can choose to have the marble impregnated once a year to prevent dirt from adhering.

Collection on photo: CR.SCANDIC


Advantage 2: Marble is sustainable

Marble lasts a lifetime. This makes it a sustainable choice and a good investment. So you not only enrich your interior, you also invest. You don't have to keep replacing your tiles. So pay attention: design your space in a timeless way, so that you can enjoy this trendy stone for as long as possible.


Advantage 3: Marble is hip

It has a luxurious and stylish look and there are few tiles that can convey that as well as marble. In addition, it fits seamlessly with other interior trends of the moment: black or gold details and a sleek interior. The beautiful veins ensure that this floor will not get bored quickly. You can choose to enrich your interior with various marble elements, but you can also tile a striking, stylish bathroom wall with it.

Collection on photo: CR.LUX CANFRANC


Advantage 4: Marble is easy to combine

We just wrote it: this fits seamlessly with other interior trends of the moment. It combines excellently with black, gold and copper. In addition, it has a classic look that can conquer a place in almost any interior.


What are you waiting for? Discover marble today and be inspired. For example, take a look at our marble collections.


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